Thursday, September 22, 2011

My dream in the future is to be an artist and to be best artist that can discover things and draw thing with perseverance. It will be an honor to get offered a scholership to an awesome university in America.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Anxiously waiting for the fireworks to exploded, it was really nerve racking but before the fireworks there was a huge ceremony for the starting of the rugby world cup.My favorite part was when a little boy Imagining that he was a famous rugby player. While he was running he was tackling these boys, then at the end he saw Jonah Lomu. Then waiting for the exciting moment the fireworks, all you can hear and see is the fireworks exploding and sparkling on the sky tower,it looked like the sky tower was falling. The opening ceremony was very Beautiful, I really loved it how they designed it and how they designed the costumes it really stands out. This is the second time New Zealand has hosted the rugby world cup,I am really proud of my home country New Zealand. It was a very eye catching because how they organized it. I hope that the All Blacks win the world cup this year, The All Blacks Is my first favourite team then it’s Tonga they are my culture team.