Thursday, November 3, 2011

Willow Park

Willow park here we come!!

In the holiday’s the riverside club went on a holiday camp to Willow Park, the first thing we did when we got there was to sort out our team group’s ,then unload all our bags. Waiting excitingly to see our team rooms, we had to have a team meeting with our group to make up our team names. After our team meeting we took all our bags up stairs to our rooms. The boy’s room’s were up stairs but on the left and the girl’s room were on the right.

Anxiously waiting to have lunch, Mr Burt said that we could have free time. Then Te Rina and I
went for a quit walk around the huge field. After a while  Mr Burt Beeped the hooter then he called us to come in to the Rimu room and sit down in our group lines, then the group that sits up perfectly they get to go for lunch first. After having our yummy lunch all the groups had a

challenge to do, it was kind of like treasure hunt.

Lastly, who ever comes first they get to get points. Then who ever comes last they get no points, well my team came 2nd so we got 30 points. After all that we were all exhausted from all that running and finding all of those stuff. But at least we all had fun and enjoyed it.