Thursday, March 11, 2010


While I was gliding through the water it felt like my lungs were screaming.

I kept gliding until I suddenly stood up, gasping for a breath. Luckily I had
made it to the other side of the pool. I really had fun when I was in the pool
gliding. My favourite thing is doing the back stroke

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Capture the Flag

On Friday afternoon Room 15 went to Room 14 to play Capture the Flag. First we had to listen attentively to Miss King when she precisely explained the rules. She divided us into teams then we all played.
We were all lined up waiting for Miss King to say "Go". We ran and I did not get tagged and I got in where the flag was. I gave the flag to Logan, he passed it to Starford and he ran as fast as he could to the other side of our field.
When it was the end of the game I felt exhausted and sweaty because I ran and passed the flag to Starford and he got us a try.