Friday, August 20, 2010

My Favorite Singer

My favorite singer is Justin Bieber because he is a good singer and he has a nice voice also good looking.My favorite songs from him is first dance, Down to earth and Never let you go.I really like him because his songs are really cool.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Holiday

Early Thursday morning we got ready to leave for vacation in Tonga for two weeks holiday. The sun hadn’t come up yet so it was as cold as a freezer! We packed our bags and my auntie drove us to the airport. On plane ride over my ears popped because we were so high up in the atmosphere. When we landed in Tonga I felt the wheels hit the ground and I was filled with excitement! Even though I could see clouds through the side windows, I could tell that it was going to be a good day. One of my favourite things about Tonga was the shiploads of coconut they had that I could eat.The first day we went to the beach we woke up with the sun was shining through the window. It was going to be a sunny bright day, great weather for swimming.
We drove up to the Good Samaritan beach we jumped out of the car, ran down to the water and dived in! Surprisingly goosebumps covered my skin because the water was cold. When we got there we ate before we swam.When we were at Oholei I played in the sand and made drawings with a stick I found on the beach. While I was collecting shells my mum came over and said if I want to go into the Hina Cave.   It was only me and my cousins who were swimming, my mum didn't want to swim yet.  Then I came out of the water and I was digging and collecting shells too.  While I was collecting shells my mum came over and said if I want to go into the Hina Cave. 
The Hina cave  is where they go and do the floor show. We went in and I tried blowing this shell  We went in and I tried blowing this conch shell. I made my own beats on the drum. I asked the owners grandson what the drum was made of. He told me they took the cows skin off and stretched it over the wood of the drum.

Once we came back we had to go have showers to wash all the sand from our hair. When we got back I felt exhausted and was glad to be home.THE END

Jesse Martin - Storm

Jesse Martin
As the wind was howling Jesse Martin, the sailor, was grinding the winch. Big waves nearly blew him overboard. They were so huge and big that it was splashing and spraying the water into his face. “Ahhhhhh I never thought this would be so hard.” he cried. The violent wind whipped spray of the sea, slapping his face like an angry lady.