Thursday, February 24, 2011

Earthquake in Chrischurch

At At 12:50 a Earthquake struck Christchurch a lot of buildings were crashed. Many people were hurt by the quake Some were bleeding and others were still under rubbles. The cathedral was also damaged ,it was one of the famous buildings in Christchurch.

There was 65 people that died, there might be more people still to find under the buildings. Some people have know where to stay, some live at parks and in school halls. Others have been rushed to the hospital.

I saw some footage of some people crying but it is even sadder that some kids a trapped.I feel sad for the people that don’t have families.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Super Hero

One morning when I woke up I stood up and what I saw on the bed was a spider.Then I grabed it and Threw it away. So I looked into the mirror and what I saw on my right hand was a tiny red dot. When I went to school and I saw the same spider that was on my bed.It climbed on to my shoe and onto my pants I flicked it away and it went on another girl and she screamed.

Suddenly everybody had a fright and I realised they were all looking at me.Then I stomped out in a fright and ran away from home. As days came by I began to look like a super hero with a costume that said SPIDER WOMAN.