Friday, November 19, 2010


Eagerly waiting outside the pool, we all had to put on a life jacket. It was dump and clammy because it was wet. we all had to get a partner so we can help each other.

As soon as we all squeezed into the life jacket. Chris came to talk to us, Chris was a man who worked for water safety NZ. Chris came to try teach us to swim with a life jacket. On and how to swim in the water. He is here for the rest of the term.

When I first hopped in the pool my teeth were chattering. I herd a lot of screaming and squealing mostly from the girls. The first thing we all did was the help position I crossed my hands over my chest I crossed my legs and I lent back.We learnt the help position so it keeps us warm and it helps us conserves our energy.

After a while we all had to get in a huddle and sing the national anthem. Chris was gently pushing us around.While we were floating in a circular motion.