Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Anxiously waiting in a line to go in the Life Education caravan, Lynn told us to line up from biggest to smallest, After a minute Lynn led the line into the caravan we all sat down. When we sat down we started talking to Harold he asked us if we can help him with his homework then Lynn said to him “ok” we will do number 1-3 and you do number 4 so that it can be fare. One of the homeworks we did was learning about body parts and other stuff. The last homework we did for Harold was about sorting the food.


  1. Hi Lola that was a really great story. I liked how Lynn was talking to you about all of the things you are doing I think it should have more information to tell the audios what is in the body parts and sorting the food I like your picture it's very nice.

  2. Hi Lola you have some great writing there. I like your drawing it is really cool any way keep up the good work.
    From Te Rina.